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Learn how stories in the news can have a different outcome when programs like ours are fully funded. Learn more about our programs and how we want to change the world!

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Calling all volunteers, sponsors, and partners. Your help is desperately needed in order to strengthen our communities! We are all one race, the human race and the world will not get better unless we all pull together and work towards the common goal.

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Our world system is broken. Sadly, its been designed to make  the rich, richer and  the poor, poorer! It takes the bold actions of a select few to stand in the gap and demand and make change happen! 

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There is no greater way to get the word out about a great thing, then by word of mouth advertising!  Tell your family and friends, coworkers, and everyone! Even those in need of our services are a great help when they fill out an application for assistance because it helps us and our donors to know where the greatest needs are! So everyone regardless of their financial situation can help in some way!

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We need your help! Retired military or just have some spare time due to this pandemic? Come join our team and help make a difference and make our community stronger and better for everyone!
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Do you own a business? Becoming one of our sponsors will not only spread the word about your business and lets the community know that you also give back, but it helps us to reach more people too!

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Help Us To Feed And Be The Difference In 500 Lives This Holiday Season!

The price for everything is going up despite the crisis the world facing at this time. And being able to get people in need the food they desperately need also cost us gas, safety supplies, and paying suppliers for things we can't get donated. So donation is greatly appreciated!


Thanksgiving Food drive

Help us to make Thanksgiving Day a more like normal for a family, senior citizen, and even the homeless who wouldn't be able to have a meal without our help! Not only are we accepting food donations of canned and boxed goods, but also to monetary donations to be able to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats from our local farmers!

Reached :$0
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Christmas Food Drive

Christmas is almost here! And with everything going on in the world this year is going to be extra stuff on a lot of people. We want to lighten that burden just a bit, but we know every little bit helps! As well as accepting food donations of canned and boxed goods, monetary donations to purchase from the local farmers fresh fruits, and vegetables, and meats!

Reached :$0
Goal :$25,000
Donate Now